What is Coupon Code (Promo Code)?

Coupon codes or promo codes are a common thing while visiting any online shopping store. Normally promo codes are offered when a user visits a web store for the very first time or when the store is offering something special for its customers.

There may be a lot of questions in your mind such as; what is a coupon code? Or how it is useful? Do not worry as we are here to provide you with all necessary information regarding coupon codes (promo code).

The basic feature of coupon codes is that they are offered exclusively by online Shopify stores or e-commerce websites. Typically they are offered for a limited time and they are unique to every user. They are computer-generated codes which can be used only once by a visitor. The purpose of promo code is related to the promotion of products or services by offering certain price discounts for the customers. Most of the time a customer finds a promo code on the landing page or payment page of a website when he is going to make an online purchase. Once a user inserts the promo code in the required box and makes a payment for purchasing an item, he will get the discount offered by the store.

The most crucial part of the game is that you should enter the promo code in a correct manner and with utmost care. It will be a weird situation if you typed a wrong code, and you may face troubles in getting the desired discount.

A promo code may be offering various types of discounts. Some popular discounts are given below. 1.Fixed price discounts; 2.Percentage of discounts; 3.Free shipping offer; 4.Free products; 5.Buy one get one free; 6.Discount for first ___visitors Etc. A promo code may be alternatively called as: 1.Coupon; 2.Discount code; 3.Digital code; 4.Offer code Etc.

Coupon codes are in fact a part promotional strategy for attracting new customers and building brand loyalty. They are also aimed at establishing a healthy and long term relationship between the brand and clients. Moreover, it is not always necessary to find a promo code at the payment page of a website; you may find promo codes in a business magazine, newsletter, blog or different publications.

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How to get a coupon or promo code?

Find the items you need to buy in the store. Select the coupon code offer you want to use from whatisapromocode and click the orange coupon code button. The coupon code will be displayed in a new pop-up window, and the coupon code for the item will be automatically copied to your clipboard by clicking the Copy button.

Coupon or promo code - How to use them?

Come back to the online store where you need to shop. Enter the code at the discount code in your shopping cart. A demo location similar to the image below. Of course, the location of each mall will be different, please pay attention to find. Once you have entered the correct coupon code, you should be able to see that the promotional code has been applied to your order. All you have to do is complete the purchase through the final checkout.